Weight loss

You CAN lose weight easily and permanently with my help.

If you have a weight problem you should first see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. If there is no underlying medical condition causing your weight issues then you have come to the right person for help.

Weight problems are caused by emotional issues, food choices and a lack of exercise. The only way to successfully reach and keep a healthy weight is to address all three of these factors together and hypnotherapy does this quickly and easily. Hypnotherapy is a powerful holistic weight loss program that can help you achieve your weight loss fast and permanently.

I will tailor a hypnosis weight loss program to your specific needs to help you set goals, lose weight, stay motivated and change your relationship with food forever. All your decisions about exercise, what you eat and how much you eat, take place in your mind. I will help you to change the way you think about exercise, food and losing weight – naturally and in a healthy way that is sustainable in the long term.

Hypnosis can help you to commit to an exercise regimen and gravitate naturally toward healthy foods, avoid the fats and sugars and become fuller faster. Your weight loss will be simple as you enjoy new healthy habits, which are the basis for easy and natural weight loss permanently.

You will receive a free weight loss hypnosis CD to take home with you to reinforce your new healthy habits that make losing weight and getting fit a natural part of your daily life.

I will teach you simple but effective self hypnosis weight loss techniques to use between our sessions to help you reach your desired goal quickly and so that you also have a lifetime self help tool that you can use in any situation where you need to change your physical, mental or emotional state.

Imagine discovering a whole new pride, confidence and sense of self-worth that comes from feeling and looking great with my hypnosis weight loss program – quickly and easily.

Call me today for a free consultation about my hypnosis weight loss program.

All you have to lose is those extra kilos
Thank you for helping me reach my ideal weight. After many years of failed diets I’m so glad I found you and decided to give hypnotherapy a go. I dropped 2 dress sizes and I never felt deprived of food once during the whole process – Cathy, Croydon Park