Quit smoking

You CAN quit smoking with my help and imagine not having to endure withdrawals, cravings or gain weight doing it.

It does not matter how many packets of cigarettes you smoke a day or how long you have been smoking because my quit smoking hypnosis program is designed to break your connection between cigarettes, smoking, and other parts of your life. It all happens quickly and painlessly at a sub-conscious level, naturally and drug free – there are no gimmicks, no patches or Nicorettes – no kidding!

Most people leave my practice and never smoke again from the very first session – but we want to make sure you do not gain weight, replace the habit with another habit and that you stay off it for the rest of your life!

I will teach you simple but effective self hypnosis techniques so you do not go through withdrawals and to help you reach your desired goal quickly. Self hypnosis is a self help tool that you can use in any situation any time where you need to change your physical, mental or emotional state.

You will receive a free quit smoking hypnosis CD to take home with you to reinforce your new healthy habits as a non smoker.

If you are ready to quit smoking call me on 0488 149 766

You CAN start enjoying the benefits of being smoke free today!


I had been smoking for over 40 years and I gave up after the very first session.  I'm no longer embarrassed about smelling like smoke and I'm getting a lot more kisses and cuddles from my grandkids as a result. – Collin, Sydney


Smoking facts

“Hypnosis is the most effective method of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.” New Scientist Magazine

“Smoking is the largest single cause of death and disease in Australia.”

“In Australia 15,000 deaths per year are caused by regular long term tobacco smoking.”