Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and suffer from mild intermittent IBS symptoms, or are you experiencing severe unremitting IBS symptoms that are negatively impacting your ability to function?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful treatment approaches for chronic IBS. The response rate to treatment is 80% and better in most published studies to date. Imagine being free from IBS symptoms and living your life much more fully – you CAN with my IBS hypnosis program.

There is a very strong connection between the gut and the brain as the colon has a vast supply of nerves that connect it to the brain. That’s why people experience butterflies when they are nervous or upset. If you suffer from IBS the colon can be overly sensitive and responsive to stress. Feeling anxious, stressed, emotional, angry or overwhelmed stimulates colon spasms in people in suffer from IBS – hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for stress management and relaxation.

Your state of mind can have an impact on your physical wellbeing, hypnotherapy cares for a person holistically by looking at the relationship between both the physical and the psychological wellbeing of the individual.

The medical profession is still unclear about what causes IBS, but they do know that stress makes IBS symptoms worse. Stress undermines the immune system and further compromises health. Hypnotherapy will help you relax and teach you new ways to manage stress. Learning how to relax and manage stress become useful tools in helping bring about symptom relief from IBS.

Hypnosis directly accesses the individuals subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions for relaxation, healing and to aid in smooth and calm digestion. Hypnosis also helps with pain management by lowering the individuals perception of pain and discomfort.

I will teach you self-hypnosis and visualisation techniques as a self help tool, so that you can effectively take control of your thoughts, feelings and digestion.

You will receive a free hypnosis CD to take home with you to enable you to effectively manage your stress levels and increase relaxation, which is a positive outcome for anyone’s health.

Enjoy a healthy digestive system
Thank you for giving me my life back. I no longer have panic attacks about leaving the house and not being able to find a bathroom in time. The brain-gut connection is so obvious now. – Mike, Strathfield