My hypnotherapy journey


Becoming a hypnotherapist….

I first became interested in hypnotherapy about 15 years ago when one of my relatives had seen a hypnotherapist and appeared to change overnight.

I decided I wanted to pursue it myself as a client to help with self-esteem and confidence issues.  Well, what can I say, it changed my life for the better and the changes were fast and have been permanent.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to overcome issues that had been affecting me for years, some for most of my life.

I wanted to learn more about this rapid therapy and I wanted to share this wonderful tool and help other people.  I love that with hypnotherapy you do not have to know what the root cause of your issues are and you do not need to talk about your problems.  Hypnotherapy is all goal orientated.  It is about what you want to achieve, it’s about your goals and outcomes.

I am absolutely passionate about hypnotherapy as I have experienced first-hand the positive changes and permanent results it can have.   I get great satisfaction from helping clients achieve their life goals through hypnotherapy.

If you suffer from poor self esteem or a lack of confidence there is help available for you.  Hypnotherapy is totally natural, safe and effective.  Contact me on 0488 149 766 for an obligation free consultation.

My next blog will be about my first hand experience of poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence and how I overcame this with hypnotherapy.

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