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From poor self-esteem to confidence


My hypnotherapy journey… I had suffered from poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence since my adolescence. I was very self-conscious about my appearance and was always focusing on my flaws. My self -talk was always negative and I was always comparing myself unfavourable to other people. In social situations I would hold myself back because I felt like I never measured up to other people and why would anyone be interested in what I had to contribute.

I first became interested in hypnotherapy about 15 years ago when a relative of mine appeared to change overnight. My relative, who had been in other forms of therapy for years, was strikingly more relaxed and happy. What was she doing differently? She revealed that she had seen a hypnotherapist. The positive changes were impressive, so I decided that it was something that might be able to help me.

I booked to see a hypnotherapist and soon my life had turned around. I felt great, my confidence improved and I became more outgoing. I had been single for many years but not long after being treated with hypnotherapy I met my husband. I credit hypnotherapy with giving me the confidence to embrace life and be open to sharing it with others.

I am absolutely passionate about hypnotherapy as I have experienced first-hand the positive changes and permanent results it can have.

If you suffer from poor self esteem or a lack of confidence there is help available for you. Hypnotherapy is totally natural, safe and effective. Contact me on 0488 149 766 for an obligation free consultation.

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