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Learn about Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that occurs under hypnosis (deep state of relaxation). The power of the subconscious mind should not be underestimated as virtually all behaviours, thoughts and feelings are driven by this part of our minds. Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious mind getting to the very source of the issue enabling you to make positive and permanent changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy successfully works in a vast array of areas and is the most rapid form of therapy in the world today.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of deep relaxation and inner awareness. Have you ever been so absorbed in a book, TV program, or movie to the exclusion of everything else? Have you ever been driving and wondered how you got to your destination? Do you practice meditation or daydream? These are all commonly occurring examples of going into or being in a state of hypnosis.


Is hypnosis mind control?

There is no control over the client other than the control the client gives to the therapist.  In fact, hypnosis gives you more control over your mind. I cannot control someone else’s mind. However, I can influence a person’s mind in a direction they wish to go.  It is a relationship of mutual responsiveness.


Is hypnotherapy safe?

Being in hypnosis is completely safe. It is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences several times daily.  Hypnosis is so safe that it can be used with children.


Can the hypnotherapist do anything that I do not want?

No.  You are always in control and in fact hypnosis gives you more control over your own mind.


Is it like stage hypnosis?

Stage hypnosis is entertainment.  A stage hypnotist uses the same applications of hypnotic principles and techniques but for the purpose of entertainment.


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Almost anyone can be hypnotised.  Research has only found a few types of people who cannot be hypnotised and these are: children under the age of six; individuals who are mentally impaired either through suffering a psychotic mental illness or by neurological damage; and those that just do not want to, in order to prove they cannot be hypnotised.


How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

Behaviour changes take three weeks to become permanent therefore hypnotherapy works on a minimum of three sessions.  Hypnotherapy successfully works in a vast array of areas and is the most rapid form of therapy in the world today.  Hypnosis can move you into change much faster than you think.  The number of hypnosis sessions will ultimately depend on your state of mind, the problem being worked on and how quickly you can respond to change.


How long are the hypnotherapy sessions?

The first hypnotherapy session is usually 1½ hours and subsequent hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration usually at weekly intervals.


Can I claim through my private health fund or Medicare?

There are a number of private health funds that do refund a portion of your costs.  The amount refundable depends on the level of cover you have.   Please contact your fund for more information.  Clinical hypnotherapy is not covered under Medicare.